Libanonske meze in ostali užitki


Veggie Mezze

  • Hummus b Tahini
    6,70 EUR
    Chickpea and tahini dip
  • Hummus Beiruti
    6,80 EUR
    Chickpea and tahini dip with garlic and parsley
  • Baba Ghannouj
    6,90 EUR
    Roasted aubergine, garlic and tahini dip
  • Muhammara
    6,70 EUR
    Roasted red pepper, walnut and chili paste
  • Falafel
    7,90 EUR
    Spiced chickpea patties, with sides of vegetables and Greek yogurt with cucumbers
  • Fattoush
    6,10 EUR
    Mixed vegetable salad with baked pitta bread and sumac
  • Batata Harra
    3,90 EUR
    Chili-baked potatoes
  • Fatayer Sbenegh
    6,70 EUR
    Spinach turnovers
  • Rakakat Jibneh
    6,70 EUR
    Feta cheese rolls
  • Tabbouleh
    6,90 EUR
    : Lebanon’s national salad of parsley, mint, tomatoes, bulgur and lemon juice
  • Salatet Raheb
    6,10 EUR
    An baked aubergine salad with marinated tomatos, peppers, onions and sumak.
  • Kousa b Laban
    6,10 EUR
    Spicy courgettes with Greek yoghurt and tahini.
  • Fattet Rouz
    7,10 EUR
    Turmeric rice, spicy courgettes, baked arabic bread, garlic Greek yoghurt and pine nuts
  • Foul Mdammas
    6,70 EUR
    Broad beans in olive oil with cumin and tomatoes
  • Mtabbal Batata
    4,80 EUR
    A potato, tahini, yoghurt and coriander dip
  • Fattet Hummus
    7,10 EUR
    Chickpeas with baked pitta bread, garlicky Greek yogurt and pine nuts
  • Shamandar b Tahini
    6,10 EUR
    Grated beetroot with tahini and mint

Meat Dishes

  • Shawarmat Djaj
    10,90 EUR
    Marinated strips of roast chicken served with pitta bread, sauteed carrots, onions, baby tomatoes and garlic dip.
  • Shawarmat Lahm, Shawarmat Kharouf
    12,10 - 13,90 EUR
    Marinated roast veal/lamb served with pitta bread, parsley, grilled tomatoes, French fries and tahini sauce
  • Shish Kebab, Kofta Kebab, Shish Taouk
    12,80 - 15,80 EUR
    Shish Kebab (marinated lamb skewers) Kofta Kebab (spicy minced veal skewers) and Shish Taouk (marinated chicken skewers) all come with sides of sauteed carrots, baby tomatoes and onions. Choose one – or a mixed plate of all three.

Traditional Palestinian dishes by advance order


  • Tarator
    3,70 EUR
    Tahini sauce, water, lemon juice and salt
  • Makdous
    5,40 EUR
    Mini aubergines stuffed with walnuts and garlic
  • Zeitoun
    3,70 EUR
    Lebanese green olives with a distinctive, slightly bitter taste
  • Toume
    3,70 EUR
    A delicately flavoured garlic dip that goes particularly well with potatoes and French fries
  • Laban w Hiar
    3,90 EUR
    Greek yoghurt with cucumbers and garlic
  • Khubz Arabi (piece)
    0,70 EUR
    Arabic bread.
  • Home made French fries
    2,50 EUR
    We swear by home made French fries. We will never serve the industrial frozen kind, because the difference is huge!
  • Turmeric rice
    2,50 EUR
    The Turmeric in the rice gives it its typical colour, a very pleasant aroma and tons of healthy side effects.
  • Dakkous
    1,80 EUR
    Home made chilli paste with coriander
  • Harissa
    1,50 EUR
    A traditional chilli paste of North African origins.
  • Soup of the Day
    4,20 EUR
    Since we’re in Slovenia and soup is an ever-present feature of meals up and down the country, we decided to offer at least one freshly made soup every day, except on week-ends.

Sweet Delights

  • Desserts of the day
    3,00 - 3,50 EUR
    Our desserts are freshly made on the premises every day. Pistachio baklava flavoured with rose water is always available; others appear according to the inspiration (or whim) of the kitchen.