Libanonske meze in ostali užitki

Desserts of the day

Our desserts are freshly made on the premises every day. Pistachio baklava flavoured with rose water is always available; others appear according to the inspiration (or whim) of the kitchen.

These might include:
Atayef b Ashta (‘heavenly delights’): Egg-free mini pancakes filled with unsweetened snow-white clotted cream, rubbed on both sides with pistachio nuts, and served with syrup sweetened with rose water and orange blossom water. Heavenly indeed!
Mhallabieh: Traditional milk pudding flavoured with rose water and sprinkled with pistachio nuts
Date cake: With coconut and walnuts (butter-rich but with no added sugar)
Nammoura: Semolina cake with almonds and rose water
… and many more …

Price: 4,90 EUR

Alergens: Wheat flour (gluten) Eggs Milk/cheese (lactose) Nuts Sesame