Libanonske meze in ostali užitki
Ponujamo Foto: Klemen Brumen

What we planned from the outset was an interior that sought out the crossing-point of traditional and modern, East and West. We believed we’ve managed to create an intimate atmosphere that encourages our guests to relax and to linger over their meal, surrounded by the tempting aromas of the Middle East and the sounds of traditional and modern Arabic music.


Set lunches (weekdays only)

We offer set lunches from Monday to Friday: a vegetarian soup, one meat and one vegetarian main dish, and a dessert. The lunch menus allow us to draw a little more inspiration from the wider Middle East region.

Private groups

Middle Eastern food is a communal affair and we are delighted to accommodate larger groups. We can offer a buffet-style meal or, if the group is not too large, serve your meal at table. For larger groups we are able to design a special menu in advance.

We can organise a traditional belly dancing performance if you wish, and guests have occasionally requested a DJ spinning traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern sounds, live Oud and or Table playing… Please contact us in advance if you’d like either of these intriguing accompaniments to your evening.

Ponujamo Foto: Aleksander Petric


An increasing number of guests are opting to take our food home with them. Call, order, take away and enjoy!

Gift vouchers

Valid for six months from the date of issue, these vouchers make the perfect gift for a loved one or a business partner.