Libanonske meze in ostali užitki

Maghlouba b Lahm, Maghlouba b Djaj (for 6)

Veal or chicken served with rice, aubergines, pine nuts and Greek yogurt

In Arabic maghlouba means ‘upside down dish’. You’ll soon see why. The meat is cooked to optimal softness in a spiced soup. It is then placed at the bottom of the pan, followed by deep-fried aubergines, rice from which the starches have been rinsed, garlic and the spiced meat soup. The dish must not be stirred during cooking.

When it is ready, it is turned upside down on the serving dish, dressed with pine nuts fried in generous amounts of butter or ghee, and served with Greek yogurt. This is a superbly juicy and aromatic dish, with rice that is soft but not sticky, and meat that melts in the mouth.

Price: 57,00 - 62,00 EUR

Alergens: Milk/cheese (lactose) Nuts